Ava To Zoe Curated

Ava to Zoe Curated is a family business in that it is inspired by, created by and supported by our family. From my Dad who taught me how to stamp, my girls who help with production and sewing supplies passed down by my Gram, family is engrained in every product we produce. 

When I began my journey as a blogger back in 2014, my intention was to create a little pocket for myself on the internet to build a community that allowed me to create a safe place for readers to share the good, the bad and even the crazy with me. A place to know that they will always feel loved and valued. A Safe place to exist as you are if you will.  I knew that my ability to connect with my readers in a  was something special.

Having an uncommonly spelled name meant that I like many others have never received that personalized gift like the Jennifers' and Chris' out there. I began stamping gifts for friends with their uncommonly spelled names and went from there. 

I believe in producing quality leather products at prices families can afford with the ability to customize to truly create a one of kind piece from my entire family to yours! 

Have a design question? Want to learn more, the door is always open and we're just an email away. Let's chat: janette@avatozoe.ca

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